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House of Cards Come Tumbling Down?

Our country is mostly, almost 100% represented by two parties, Republican and Democratic. Each has lost their real substance of what they really stood for and represented in years past. And here we are today less than eleven months away from electing a new president to represent us the people, and this great country. So […]

Our Political Scene – A House of Horrors

Are you screaming at the top of your lungs at your TV when listening to some TV reporter or commentator interviewing one of our possible future Commander-in-Chief, or listening to the president’s last state of the union, or Obama praising Hillary Clinton, “(S) he’s extraordinarily experienced — and, you know, wicked smart and knows every […]

Where the Hell is My Money!

Not to freak anybody out, but it would be prudent to read this article my friend wrote and sent to me about money. After reading this article you have to say to yourself, how did we get here, what numskulls allowed our financial system to walk on mind fields. And why are we so complacent […]

Mrs. Clinton, You Have Officially Crossed Over into The Twilight Zone!

  You unlock this door with a key of imagination beyond it is another dimension – (Hillary: “ I remember landing under sniper fire. There was suppose to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead[,] we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to […]

Times They Are a Changing…

Ok, let’s talk about changing the Constitution or even better yet ignoring it because laws within it or rights stated are inconvenient or they don’t serve a specific ideology.   I’ve been in a number of conversations where advocates of a “living” Constitution mindset would argue that the founder’s Constitution is outdated, difficult to conform […]

Constitutional Destruction.

ARE we on a collision course with our constitution or not? What do I mean by that – Constitutional Destruction. After reading this blog feel free to comment and I welcome your thoughts.   So let’s take a look at where we are today constitutionally speaking and where we could be tomorrow if we allow […]

Who’s Peddling the Fiction?

Those liberal/progressives who have fallen from grace and happen to have slipped and fallen into this blog, may I suggest; pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and with a clear mind uninfluenced by those you may admire spewing false facts, take a strong and serious look at this blog –   For those of you […]

Mudslinging to the Victory Line.

Why do candidates choose to mudsling to victory? Is it lack of self-confidence in themselves to bring their policy and agenda positions to the public with clarity? Hidden agendas that would upset their popularity with the voting base they are after? Exaggerating truths or throwing out lies because that has worked in the past with […]

Charlie Mike

You would think a film production company doing an entertaining and educational film on the US Constitution would be welcome with open arms and popularity.   Like any war, or I should say any conventional, not Jihadist war, you strategize, battle plan your attacks, fight through enemy lines, eliminate your enemy and free captured territories […]

I Don’t Have a Pen, I Don’t Have a Phone, But I Do Have a Constitution!

I’ll be damned if I will sit by and let the president spew his rhetoric on American gun violence with his solution “ I have a pen and a phone” executive order nonsense. Yes, I said nonsense, not the horrific violence and tragedies we’ve seen of late in San Bernardino, Colorado, Roseburg, OR and others. […]