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Destroying Freedoms and Rights in America

One of the first major in-your-face assaults to abolish our U.S. Constitution and eradicate many of our rights and freedoms occurred over five decades ago when the Supreme Court made a horrendous decision blocking prayer in schools. Their 1963 ruling made it illegal for students to participate in prayer while in school because it violates […]

Benjamin Franklin Synonymous With Freedom and Liberty

There were 56 individuals who signed the Declaration of Independence.  There were thousands of others who put their lives on the line to ensure that the United States of America became established through the Revolutionary War and the adoption of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. However, there is only one Benjamin Franklin. As […]

Constitutional Destruction.

ARE we on a collision course with our constitution or not? What do I mean by that – Constitutional Destruction. After reading this blog feel free to comment and I welcome your thoughts.   So let’s take a look at where we are today constitutionally speaking and where we could be tomorrow if we allow […]

Mudslinging to the Victory Line.

Why do candidates choose to mudsling to victory? Is it lack of self-confidence in themselves to bring their policy and agenda positions to the public with clarity? Hidden agendas that would upset their popularity with the voting base they are after? Exaggerating truths or throwing out lies because that has worked in the past with […]

Charlie Mike

You would think a film production company doing an entertaining and educational film on the US Constitution would be welcome with open arms and popularity.   Like any war, or I should say any conventional, not Jihadist war, you strategize, battle plan your attacks, fight through enemy lines, eliminate your enemy and free captured territories […]

Liberty in the Digital Age

You are being monitored. Wait, don’t click away. I know with one sentence you’ve already pegged me as a conspiracy theorist. But I’m not. In fact, as these things go, I am strictly against conspiracies. But that doesn’t mean someone’s not—perhaps–monitoring your calls, your emails, your internet history, your social media activity, your G.P.S. location, […]

The Interview: Standing Up for Freedom of Speech in America

Recent events have sparked awareness of freedom of speech in America and how it can be preserved.  These events include The Interview, a satirical movie about a plot to assassinate the ruthless dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un. On November 24, 2014, supporters of Kim Jong-Un hacked Sony Entertainment Pictures’ computer databases and made violent […]