A man from the past showed them how to protect their future.
Terrifically entertaining, yet profound at the same time.

In Search of Liberty Movie

In Search of Liberty is a dramatic-comedy film to not only entertain, but to educate young & old alike. Take a patriotic journey led by a historical colonial figure to learn the importance of the U.S. Constitution, what it means to American freedom, how it is being challenged today and what can be done to protect it.

Behind the Scenes

Teachable lessons for your children

Why this film is so important

Understanding the basis of American government and your rights as a citizen, means learning about the U.S. Constitution, its origins and the rights and freedoms it embodies.

What people are saying

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"In Search of Liberty is a brilliant, educational film. This makes the Constitution real, understandable, approachable and, therefore, defendable."
"Such a unique and fresh approach to teaching basic principles of our US government … The humor is delightful … fun … truly entertaining."
"A fantastic introduction to arguably the most important subject in American education."
"We just finished the movie. It was SO SO good! What an incredible job! It was so elaborate, with so many locations and sets. The script was awesome and the acting was truly professional. Wow! It was so educational, too, without being preachy. Everyone really should see it. I can see schools buying it and showing it. I can't praise it enough! It's just really fantastic!"