Monthly Archives: January 2016

Constitutional Destruction

ARE we on a collision course with our constitution or not? What do I mean by that – Constitutional Destruction. So let’s take a look at where we are today constitutionally speaking and where we could be tomorrow if we allow and become complacent on the matter of constitutional transformation, constitutional dismissiveness, usurpation and constitutional […]

Who’s Peddling the Fiction?

Those liberal/progressives who have fallen from grace and happen to have slipped and fallen into this blog, may I suggest; pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and with a clear mind uninfluenced by those you may admire spewing false facts, take a strong and serious look at this blog – For those of you who […]

I Don’t Have a Pen, I Don’t Have a Phone, But I Do Have a Constitution!

I’ll be damned if I will sit by and let the president spew his rhetoric on American gun violence with his solution “ I have a pen and a phone” executive order nonsense. Yes, I said nonsense, not the horrific violence and tragedies we’ve seen of late in San Bernardino, Colorado, Roseburg, OR and others. […]

Where Will We Be in Ten Years Time?

What if we fail to restore faith and belief in the Constitution of America? Is this a critical issue for the election of 2016? Disturbing trends in recent years show us that unless we act to preserve our constitutional rights, we may, indeed lose our heritage. Goals 2000 – American Education has been ”reformed” and […]