Screenings via Tugg

"Liberty cannot be preserved without general knowledge among the people."

-John Adams

Bring In Search of Liberty to a theater near you!

Tugg logoIC Liberty Films, the company that is marketing and distributing In Search of Liberty, has partnered with Tugg Inc. to make it possible for pretty much anyone to have a screening of our incredible EduDramedy™ (Educational Dramatic Comedy) movie in their own city, or, minimally, in one that is nearby.

Tugg has been assisting independent film makers for several years and has built excellent relationships with both chain and individual theaters across the country, making it relatively easy for anybody, anywhere to set up and bring a movie to the "big screen."

If you are interested in having a screening in your city, please visit the In Search of Liberty page at Tugg to see just how simple it can be.

You pick the date, time, and place, and Tugg will reserve the theater and handle all of the technical logistics.  You can make the screening a very interesting and fun event - one attended by many of your own family and friends.

Once you have completed the set-up to bring the movie to your theater with Tugg, make sure that you contact us (IC Liberty Films) as we can assist you by promoting the upcoming screening in your city on our social media network, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

We also help by providing the Tugg Promoter Tool Kit on our site.  The Kit includes many of the activities that have been done by other people who have worked with Tugg to have successful screenings. The Kit is comprised of several PDF files that, when read and followed by others in their cities, helped make for great events and turn-out.

In Search of Liberty - theater screening