Reparations - Gustave Boulanger's The Slave Market - Ancient Rome

Reparations: Fact and Fiction

  There are those advocating, once again, that reparations be paid to Americans who are black because of slavery early […]

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Keep and Bear Arms - Don't Tread On Me

The Right To Keep And Bear Arms. Period.

Our Founders were intelligent, well-read and had studied history. They fought a long and hard battle for our unalienable (i.e., […]

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Bill of Rights 2020 edition

The Anniversary of our Bill of Rights – 2020 Edition

All Americans should know the significance of our Bill of Rights, those first ten amendments to our U.S. Constitution. Following […]

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Constitution Bell God Bless

The Vision of our Founders vs the Current Reality

Our Founders fought against tyranny in a war that spanned eight years, ultimately freeing themselves, and their new country, from […]

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Discrimination blog thumb

Facebook Stops Ads Marketing Award-Winning U.S. Constitution Movie

In a year that has seen its fair share of draconian measures around the country, Facebook, as well as other […]

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Constitution Day 2020

Constitution Day 2020

This year has been one for the books, a year where our Constitutionally guaranteed rights have been neglected, abused and […]

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Peaceably to Assemble - Chicago

Peaceably to Assemble

Over the past few months in 2020 there have been countless politicians, celebrities and sports figures, as well as media […]

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Constitution - Liberty Bell - God Bless America

What happened to our Independence?

It is July 5, 2020, the day after Independence Day. My thoughts, however, are riveted to this question: what happened […]

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Vaccine - US Constitution - Flag

Are Mandatory Vaccines Unconstitutional?

While there are millions of Patriotic Americans who believe it is their constitutional right to refuse vaccinations, based on religious […]

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