Patrick Henry on Democracy and Individual Rights

As an Anti-Federalist, Founding Father Patrick Henry did not support the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. For him, the reason […]

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James Madison

James Madison Words of Wisdom

Our Founding Fathers were very wise men, indeed.  Whether one was a Federalist, as was James Madison, or an Anti-Federalist, […]

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Political Secrets – Is This How We Track Corruption?

Know that Corruption cannot survive if the light of day is shone upon it. Not too long ago we had […]

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House of Cards

House of Cards Come Tumbling Down?

Our country is mostly, almost 100% represented by two parties, Republican and Democratic. Each has lost their real substance of […]

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House of Horrors

Our Political Scene – A House of Horrors

Are you screaming at the top of your lungs at your TV when listening to some TV reporter or commentator […]

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Where the Hell is My Money!

Not to freak anybody out, but it would be prudent to read this article my friend wrote and sent to […]

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Mrs. Clinton, You Have Officially Crossed Over into The Twilight Zone!

Hillary Rotan, I mean Rodham Clinton and the Twilight Zone: You unlock this door with a key of imagination beyond […]

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Times They Are a Changing…

Ok, let’s talk about changing the Constitution or even better yet ignoring it because laws within it or rights stated […]

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Constitutional Destruction

ARE we on a collision course with our constitution or not? What do I mean by that – Constitutional Destruction. […]

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