Two Faces of a Patriot

Producer and Director Norm Novitsky Pens Novel

Norm Novitsky, producer and director of the award-winning In Search of Liberty Constitution movie, has penned a novel titled Two […]

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Virginia – Then and Now

For anyone who knows America’s history, Virginia used to be the home of some of our strongest and bravest Patriots […]

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Constitution Liberty - Impeachment

Impeachment in Layman’s Terms

There is a lot of information flowing around Social Media about impeachment this and impeachment that. Unfortunately, much of what […]

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Right to vote

The right of citizens of the United States to vote

Our United States Constitution very specifically states in three different places that Citizens have the right to vote in elections. […]

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Rule of Law - No One is Above the Law

Politicians Who Claim No One Is Above The Law

It has become quite popular for politicians to talk about no one being above the law. Yet, there are, more […]

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Constitution Day signing

Constitution Day – A Day that Changed the World

When our Founders met at the Pennsylvania State House (now Independence Hall), in Philadelphia, and created our United States Constitution […]

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Flag Pledge

How America Has Changed

In three short years we have witnessed probably the most dramatic ideological changes in our great country than in any […]

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Constitution Statue Flag

Constitution Day Is Coming – Celebrate With “In Search of Liberty”

Even though September 17 is not a national holiday, it should be.  On that day, in 1787, delegates from the […]

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Constitutional republic

Why do people say that we are a Democracy?

There are myriad articles and shows where people mistakenly state that our country is a democracy.  That is simply not […]

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