What Many Of Us Don’t Know About Our Declaration of Independence

On July 2, 1776, The Lee Resolution (also known as “The Resolution for Independence”) was passed by the Second Continental […]

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Protecting Our Unalienable Rights

[Originally published by Building Blocks for Liberty as “How do we protect our rights?] We hold these truths to be […]

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2A DC_Washington_SupremeCourt

Our Supreme Court Fails Our Second Amendment

[Originally published as: The Supreme Court Demonstrates Again Why It Can’t Be Trusted to Defend Our Gun Rights by Building […]

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Congressional Abuses and Cover-ups

Prior to passage of the Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 (CAA), agencies in the legislative branch of our United States […]

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What the 2020 Election means to America

Even though the next election is one and a half years away, there are a swarm of declared candidates for […]

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Liberty of the Press

With the conclusion of the Mueller investigation concerning alleged collusion between President Trump and his campaign with Russia coming to […]

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We The People Will Keep Our Arms. Thank You.

Killing, murder, is not a good thing. ┬áIt is evil-intentioned. However, every time there is a mass shooting the gun-grabbers […]

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Art 4 Sec 4

The Invasion at our Southern Border

Regardless of how certain politicians attempt to twist or spin what is going on (and has been going on) at […]

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Nick Sandmann

Will The Media And Haters Finally Learn?

For too long our mainstream, and other, media have assumed they can pretty much say or print anything they want […]

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