Queen of the House

Nancy – The Self-Anointed Queen of the House

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, must consider herself a queen.  After all, name one other Speaker who has […]

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2nd Amendment

The Simple Beauty of the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States was a genius move by our Founding Fathers, as a […]

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We the People - Congress

Border Security, Illegal Immigrants and the US Constitution

The biggest problem, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now say, is that Democrats have no problem letting […]

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Politicians Encouraging/Harboring Illegals Should Be In Jail

SUMMARY: Any and all elected representatives who encourage and/or harbor illegal immigrants are violating United States Code and should be […]

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2nd Amendment

Is The Second Amendment At Risk?

At first you may say, no way, it is a guaranteed right.  That is quite true.  But, there are ways […]

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Bill Of Rights

The Origins and Anniversary of our Bill of Rights

Contrary to what some seem to think or believe today, the Bill of Rights is not a Bill of Needs. […]

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Judges Altering the Constitution to Fit an Agenda

When appointees to a Federal level judgeship are sworn in each and every one of them swears an Oath, “I, […]

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More Unconstitutionality From A District Court

The easy way for the Courts to rewrite or otherwise ignore the Constitution is for those judges to interpret the […]

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Why The US Should Absolutely Require Voter ID

How is it that there can be more votes cast in an election than there are registered voters? Yes, that […]

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