Holding Congress Accountable – How Soon They (Think We) Forget

There were many elected officials who jumped on the Dump Kavanaugh bandwagon because of sexual misconduct allegations supposedly committed by […]

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Circus clown

Democrats and Double Standards

The circus is still in town! It is remarkable how Democratic party leaders rallied around accusers, with no proof or […]

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Constitution Flag One Star

What The U.S. Constitution Should Mean To Americans

Today is Constitution Day, time to really think about the U.S. Constitution. On May 25, 1787, with a quorum of […]

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A Constitution For We The People

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men who were able to construct, through their agreements and arguments, a Constitution that can, […]

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Internet censorship

Corporate Censorship – Company Policies – People’s Rights

There has been a controversial trend occurring where corporate social media platforms have lessened the reach, temporarily suspended, or altogether […]

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US Constitution - We The People

Moderates and Conservatives Very Concerned About Constitution Education

As Constitution Day (Sept. 17) approaches, a new online survey of over 5,500 moderate and conservative American adults found that […]

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Independence Day and what it means to all Americans

It is unfortunate that, for many Americans, Independence Day has simply become a holiday known as July 4th, and revolves […]

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Achieving President Ronald Reagan’s “Informed Patriotism”

President Ronald Reagan was a Patriot. He loved America. And he knew he was serving “We the People.”  He was […]

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Memorial Day 2018 – Recognizing Those Who Died While Serving

Decorating graves of soldiers with flowers is an ancient tradition.  In America, while there is some evidence it occurred prior […]

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