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Peoples Guide coverWebster defines “constitution” as an agreement that sets in place a system of fundamental principles for the government of rational and social beings. A constitution, you might say, lays out the basic rules of the game for people who want freedom for themselves and for others.

Written to guarantee the rights of individuals and provide a framework for cooperation, the United States Constitution protects those rights. The result has been, in many ways, the most successful and prosperous society in history.

But what might happen if the players forget the rules of the game? Chaos, arguments, people making up their own rules. If we do not understand what the Constitution actually says, we could give up our rights and not even know it.

So, this book was written for people, like me, who want to guarantee their own freedom and enjoy the benefits of living in a society, maybe even a world, which respects and protects human rights and freedom for all.

I hope that this book, the result of my own citizen self education, will help give readers a basic understanding of what the Constitution actually says and, with this understanding, enable them to better decide for themselves how to claim and exercise their rights.

About the Author

Dave KlugeWriting without political bias, Dave Kluge, the former Legal Director of a U.S. based international software firm, has penned The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution with the simple goal of helping today’s Americans to easily read the Constitution in its original form and thereby achieve a true understanding without the aid of interpretations.

Dave promotes broader understanding of the Constitution through speaking engagements and seminars, creates study guides for educators and homeschoolers, and writes articles on Constitutional controversies for his blog.


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