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Gov Mike Huckabee speaks about Pres Ronald Reagan’s “Informed Patriotism”
with actor, singer and Patriot Robert Davi, and how the movie In Search of Liberty
helps to achieve that goal. The interview is below, February 3.

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Spokesperson John Chambers, Mr. Constitution

In Search of Liberty - Mr Constitution - John ChambersJohn Chambers is known to many as Mr. Constitution. He is the author of The Constitution of the United States: A Study Guide, designed for high school students, as well as numerous other books, essays and articles concerning our priceless document. He is a spokesperson for the movie.

"I started teaching the Constitution in 1991 and have lead Study Groups through the Constitution word-by-word, section-by-section.  We define the words and ask what problem were they trying to solve with this section … and do we still have that problem today? (You should see eyes rolling!)

"But there has never been a fun movie where a person can enjoy the story and soak up the basics of the Constitution. Until my long-time friend Norm Novitsy took on the task.

"I recommend In Search of Liberty to folks in my Constitution Study Group, even those who have poured over the Constitution in the past. For those of us who know it, we have children and grandchildren who need an engaging introduction.

"For those who know they need to learn the Constitution, a great starting place is In Search of Liberty."

To learn more about John Chambers, please visit It's Your Constitution.

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