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Where the Hell is My Money!

Not to freak anybody out, but it would be prudent to read this article my friend wrote and sent to me about money. After reading this article you have to say to yourself, how did we get here, what numskulls allowed our financial system to walk on mind fields. And why are we so complacent […]

Where Will We Be in Ten Years Time?

What if we fail to restore faith and belief in the Constitution of America? Is this a critical issue for the election of 2016? Disturbing trends in recent years show us that unless we act to preserve our constitutional rights, we may, indeed lose our heritage. Goals 2000 – American Education has been ”reformed” and […]

Liberty and the Amazing Story of Iceland

Why is the press not covering this story? What the banking sector doesn’t want to be known, is that there has been an economic recovery in Iceland BUT ONLY after they let their banks fail and prosecuted their more corrupt bankers Before the crash of 2008, Iceland was one of the richest little countries in […]